Welcome to “Baan May”

We are serving a Thai home style cuisine in Tokyo.
A cuisine rich in history, flavours, aroma, textures and elegance, “Baan May” Kitchen will bring out the best of at home style cooking of Thai.

We are a family run restaurant, which means the recipes are as home-made as they come. As we pride ourself in the quality of the food we serve, everything is made fresh to order, to bring out the best of Thai flavors,

We pay great attention and ensure that your Thai dining experience is “worth the wait”. We do beg you a little bit of time especially when our house are crowded.

Baan means House/Home in Thai.
May is the name of our chef. (May Okawa)
Baan May is May’s Home.

Please enjoy May’s home style Thai cuisine;)

By the way, we do not welcome anyone, we only welcome customer who come to our place to enjoy meal and we don’t want customer who think long chat is their priority over meal.